Youngstown Tile & Terrazzo


Leaders in Commercial Flooring & Luxury Home Projects

Youngstown Tile and Terrazzo proudly installs quality ceramic tile, terrazzo and marble. We have served our customers for over 60 years. We provide superior flooring installation for commercial, institutional, industrial, and residential projects. Whatever your project may be, we complete your installation in a timely manner with professional supervision. Click here to request your quote today!

Our Latest Installations

  • VA Wade Park by Youngstown Tile & Terrazzo
  • Turnpike Travel Plaza Tile Installation by Youngstown Tile & Terrazzo
  • Salem Hospital Commercial Tile by Youngstown Tile & Terrazzo
  • Salem Hospital Commercial Tile by Youngstown Tile & Terrazzo

Our Products & Services

We offer the following types of commercial flooring products & services:

  • Tile: Services include commercial construction & restoration.
  • Terrazzo: Services include new installation, refinishing, and patching.
  • Natural Stone: Services include professional fabrication, installation, marble restoration and cleaning.
  • Polished / Stained Concrete: Services include mechanical grinding to polish and/or stain concrete.
  • Surface Prep: Services include surface preparation, shot blasting, coatings, removal, grind & repair.
  • Epoxy Flooring: Services include new commercial construction and renovation.

Our Certifications & Memberships